“Money should be put to work and create something new”

Gunnar Sandberg laid the foundation for what is now Sandberg Development AB with this philosophy. At 36 years old, he started the Elektro Sandberg company, which had over 500 employees when it was sold to Sydkraft in 1992. Gunnar was an electrician and electrical engineer, and an excellent entrepreneur on top of that.

The GS Development group was founded in 1992 with around a dozen companies in widely diverse industries. Each company was based on a brilliant idea and had the potential to become a success.

The company has been owned by two generations of Sandbergs and is now run by Gunnar’s son Per Sandberg. With Per at the helm, the group has focused on a few select segments, which have grown into world leaders in their respective niches thanks to long-term investments. Per continues to work on transforming unique ideas into commercial businesses and is changing the company’s name to Sandberg Development AB in 2015.


The vision and business concept of the group revolve around its core values – family-owned, long-term, innovation and world-class – which aim to seize upon future opportunities to invest in new or current segments.