New from Sandberg Development: Report from Hand in Hand village project in India

Hand in Hand is a non-profit organization working with entrepreneurship as an effective, long-term, and sustainable method to fight poverty, and is one of the organizations Sandberg Development has chosen to support. Hand in Hand is mainly active in India, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan.

News from the Group: Camurus' Interim Report for second quarter 2022

Camurus' Interim Report for the second quarter 2022, which was published on July 15, showed both revenue growth and profitability.

News from the Group: RESCUE Intellitech Launches DeconWasher™ Pro S at the 2022 FDIC International

On Thursday, April 28, it was finally time for RESCUE Intellitech to launch their new machine, the DeconWasher™ Pro S at the 2022 FDIC International in Indianapolis, USA.

About Sandberg Development

Sandberg Development is a family-owned investment company, with a vision to contribute to growth and social value through active ownership of innovation-driven companies. Our mission is to invest in and develop innovation and technology-driven companies based in southern Sweden.

Money should be put to work and create growth

As a committed owner, our long-term objective is to stimulate innovation and business opportunities, and to inject resources and expertise with the goal of helping companies become leaders in their sector and segment.
Our investment philosophy is based on the conviction that money should be put to work to make more money. This philosophy has guided us for more than 60 years.


Sandberg Development will develop and invest in innovation and technology-driven companies based in southern Sweden through long-term, active ownership.


By investing in new technology and innovation, Sandberg Development will contribute to growth and social value.

sales SEK



R&D, SEK 76,1 M


(of consolidated sales 2020)



(80 %)






other  holdings


Our holdings


Aimpoint develops, manufactures and markets one of the world’s fastest, most effective and robust sighting systems for firearms, based on a Swedish red dot sight technology, for hunting, target shooting and in police and military applications.

Sales: SEK 1 000 M (1 074)
CEO: Lennart Ljungfelt
Employees: 298
Sandberg Development’s ownership (since 1975): 100 %


Camurus develops innovative and long-acting drugs for the treatment of serious and chronic diseases, such as opioid dependence, pain, cancer and endocrine disorders, based on its proprietary formulation technology FluidCrystal®.

Sales:  SEK 601 M (335)
CEO:  Fredrik Tiberg
Employees:  134
Sandberg Development’s ownership (since 1991):  40 %


GAIM develops and markets a VR concept that simulates true-to-life hunting situations and advanced practice and analysis features for marksmen in training purposes. GAIM is based on Aimpoint's red dot sight for fire arms. Since 2019, GAIM has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Aimpoint, but in June 2022 it will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Sandberg Development.

Sales:  SEK 8 M (3)
VD:  Stephan Eskilander
Employees:  4
Sandberg Development’s ownership (since 2019):  100 %


GRANULDISK is a market leader in commercial pot-washing machines. Since 1987, GRANULDISK has been offering sustainable commercial dishwashers that use PowerGranules at high temperatures for hygienically clean and safe wash results using substantially less water and chemicals than other solutions.

Sales:  SEK 200 M (170)
Mikael Samuelsson
Sandberg Development’s ownership (since 1987): 
100 %

rescue intellitech

Rescue Intellitech has developed a washing machine for the fire rescue services. The Solo Rescue machine cleans contaminated equipment such as gloves, helmets, boots and breathing apparatuses, helping the crew to avoid exposure to combustion gases, soot particles and toxins.

Sales:  SEK 18 M (14)
Martin Valfridsson
13 (12)
Sandberg Development’s ownership (since 2018): 
100 %


ISEC has developed a camera system for harsh environments, such as radioactive environments in nuclear power plants. Better surveillance helps to improve safety and reduces the need for unplanned downtime. ISEC is based in Helsingborg and the company’s monitoring systems is mainly used in Swedish, European and US power plants, but other markets are also in the pipeline, primarily in Asia.

CEO:  Martin Warenholt
Sandberg Development invested in the company:

Orbital Systems

Orbital Systems was founded in 2012 by industrial designer Mehrdad Mahdjoubi in Lund, with the aim of using innovative water technology to reduce the consumption of both fresh water and energy by developing an innovative shower that both purifies and re-uses the water.

CEO:  Mehrdad Mahdjoubi
Employees:  50
Sandberg Development invested in the company: 2018


SWATAB has developed an innovative system for washing textiles. The company´s unique filter system transforms ordinary tap water into a special ultrapure water that washes clean and friendly, completely without detergents and harmful chemicals.

CEO:  Mats Marklund
Employees:  7
Sandberg Development invested in the company: 2018

60 years of Scanian innovation

Gunnar Sandberg founded Sandberg Development in 1959. And for more than 60 years, we have been identifying and turning innovative ideas into successful companies. Working together, we grow and learn from each other as we search for new business opportunities. As a family, we want to take responsibility – for companies, and for the world around us.

We want the companies that have been with us for 30 years to receive the same support and conditions for growth as a new investment. Sandberg Development’s history is shown on the timeline. Of around 30 business operations the ones on the timeline are only a selection.


GS Development

Sandberg Development

1959 – 1992  
was founded by Gunnar Sandberg in 1959. The installation company was a low-voltage specialist and initially had seven employees. The company grew successfully and relocated to newly built premises on Jägershillgatan in Malmö in the early 1980s. Alongside of ElektroSandberg, the group of companies grew and invested in various innovative businesses, such as Aimpoint and GRANULDISK. By 1991, ElektroSandberg was one of the largest and leading contractors in electrical installation, automation and process control in Sweden, with 600 employees in Malmö, Lund, Halmstad and Stockholm, and Gunnar Sandberg sold the electrical installation operation to Sydkraft (E.On). The sale marked the beginning of the new industrial group, GS Development, where the other operations were gathered in 1992. The industrial group continued to successfully develop and invest in innovation and technology-driven companies and in 2015, the company was renamed Sandberg Development.
developed and sold coin counters and cash management solutions.
created the red dot sight technology based on a Swedish
innovation that makes it possible to shoot faster and more effectively. The company is a world leader in its field.
has developed a technology that enables the use of liquid carbon as an alternative to oil.
manufactured an antiseptic cream. The cream is still sold under the name LHP.
property management company formed the starting point for Medeon Science Park in Malmö.
is based on a unique pot-washing method developed in Malmö. Using PowerGranules and water under high pressure at high temperatures, the pots are washed hygienically clean – with no pre-washing, while the amount of water and chemicals is reduced, contributing to a significantly positive environmental effect.
manufacturer of eye and nose products. Renässans nose spray is still sold.
manufactured pallets and cargo
loading systems for aircraft in metal. 
Medical Research Centre (MFC)   
was founded as a centre for basic medical research and is now part of Region Skåne.
GS Development

was founded in Lund by biophysical chemistry researchers who had identified the possibility of using lipid structures to improve the delivery of active pharmaceutical compounds to the body. Camurus now develops drugs for the treatment of serious chronic diseases. The company was listed in 2015.
Fertility Center   
to help childless couples with in-vitro fertilisation.
manufactured specialty
equipment for excavators.
Evy & Gunnar Sandberg Foundation
to support medical research.
2015 –   
Sandberg Development

ISEC Industrial Security
develops and produces monitoring systems for radioactive environments.
Orbital Systems 

is a Malmö-based
water technology company.
RESCUE Intellitech
markets a washing machine specially designed for the decontamination of fire rescue breathing apparatuses, gloves, helmets and boots.
is a water technology company that develops and sells a unique filter technology that transforms ordinary tap water into ultrapure water, which enables a chemical-free laundry.
a VR concept that simulates true-to-life hunting situations and advanced practice and analysis features for marksmen in training purposes. Since 2019, GAIM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aimpoint.
** The operations have continued to develop under other ownership.

Direction & strategy

our watchwords

It is our long company history, our watchwords and way of working that form our company culture, where we identify ourselves as a Family-owned Innovation-driven company with the conviction that a Long-term Approach creates World-class.


Our companies are at the cutting edge of technology and create value for our customers.


We aim for the best – to offer the best technology,
value and profitability. 


We represent a 60-year-old Swedish industrial legacy that we are proud of and want to carry forward.

Long-term approach

We have shown that a long-term, sustained approach generates results in successful companies. 

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on the conviction that money should be put to work to make more money. This philosophy has guided us for more than 60 years.

We take a humanistic approach to running companies, where we put our employees first. We want to develop trusting relationships with our subsidiaries, holdings and employees, where confidence and entrepreneurship are the keywords for success. Our investments will contribute to long-term social value and we mainly want to grow by focusing on innovation and technology-driven companies – which is where we can offer the most experience and expertise. 
We mainly invest in companies that are based in southern Sweden, but operate in a global market. Proximity and regular contact are important for building trust. In our own premises, we offer a creative environment and intercompany knowledge-sharing. Sandberg Development works continuously to evaluate and analyse possible investment and acquisition targets. We are a small organisation with rapid decision-making processes. 

It has to feel right, while simultaneously offering opportunities for the company to develop with Sandberg Development as its owner. Before taking on an active ownership role, the improvement potential has to match our own expertise profile. To be the best owner for our subsidiaries and associated companies, we believe in knowledge-sharing, involvement and a local presence.
We want to improve, invest and develop – we have no stated exit strategy.

Social engagement

Sandberg Development is a corporate citizen and wants to contribute actively to a more sustainable society. 
We share our time, our knowledge and our commitment to strengthen people and the projects we are passionate about.

Some of the projects we are involved in are:

  • The Camurus Lipid Research Foundation (Kåre Larsson and Gunnar Sandberg’s research foundation). 
    For more information about the foundation, visit
  • Hand in Hand, Star for Life. Sandberg Development is a long-term sponsor of the Star for Life organisation and its educational programme in secondary schools in South Africa. For more information, visit:
  • Sandberg Development also makes regular donations to charity organisations such as the Cancer Foundation, the Heart and Lung Foundation, Save the Children, the Swedish Red Cross and the Childhood Cancer Foundation and others.


Stefan persson
President and CEO
Sandberg Development AB                  
Jägershillgatan 26      
SE-213 75 MALMÖ