Create a platform for social impact

Partnerships with universities and colleges

It is essential that we partner with universities and colleges so that our operations can focus on growth and social impact.

We want to be represented in academic environments and spaces. Through continuous exchanges in various networks, sponsorships, internships and degree projects, we create a platform for learning, recruiting new employees and opportunities to develop new commercially feasible ideas.


From the autumn term of 2022, Sandberg Development is the main sponsor for the reception of new students in the E-section at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University (LTH). From 2023, this also includes the Chemistry and Biotechnology section. Through the sponsorship, Sandberg Development offers, among other things, lunchtime lectures, case evenings and a dinner party at our premises.


Are you interested in Sandberg Development as a sponsor? Send an email to: career (a) for more information about our sponsorships.