More than 60 years of entrepreneurship

Our history

Sandberg Development is a family-owned investment company that contributes to growth and
social value through active ownership of innovation-driven companies – focusing on water
technology, quality of life and security.

Sandberg Development wholly or partly owns: Aimpoint, GAIM, Nor:disk, RESCUE Intellitech, SWATAB, ISEC Monitoring Systems, Orbital Systems, Clean Oil Technology, Drupps, Silanos, Watersprint, Xocchiali, PluvioFlow, Reccan, and the listed company Camurus. Sales for the Group in 2023 amounted to SEK 2 billion.



Sandberg Development makes its first investment outside Sweden – becomes part-owner in Italian dishwasher manufacturer Silanos.

Sandberg Development starts its own business incubator and the first investment is made in the company Xocchiali AB with a focus on developing smart glasses that can be controlled with the mobile phone.

Sandberg Development's subsidiary Granuldisk becomes Nordisk Clean Solutions AB. The name change is a clear signal that the company is gearing up to offer a wider portfolio of premium products for the washroom of the future.

Sandberg Development becomes largest owner of water technology company Watersprint, that has developed a water purification technology based on ultraviolet light from LED lamps.

Sandberg Development acquires a neighboring property on Jägershillgatan 20 from Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB and continues to grow in Jägersro.


Sandberg Development invested in the water innovation company Drupps and expanded its commitment and expertise in the focus area of water technology.

In november, Sandberg Development acquired the remaining shares in SWATAB which thus becomes a wholly owned subsidiary in the Group.

Sandberg Development invests in COT - Clean Oil Technology AB (publ). The company has developed a technology for environmentally friendly oil purification of industrial oils that contributes to the transition to a more sustainable society. Investment takes place in the focus area of water technology.

Sandberg Development launches the Sandberg Development Graduate Program - a trainee program for candidates with an academic degree in engineering or business - to recruit future talents to the group.


GAIM, a VR concept that simulates true-to-life hunting situations and advanced practice and analysis features for marksmen in training purposes. GAIM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sandberg Development.


RESCUE Intellitech became part of Sandberg Development’s group of companies. The company markets a washing machine specially designed for the decontamination of fire rescue breathing apparatuses, gloves, helmets and boots. RESCUE Intellitech remains part of Sandberg Development’s group of companies. Sandberg Development invested in SWATAB: The company sells a unique and proprietary system that transforms ordinary tap water into special, ultra-pure water that washes clean -and is hypoallergenic and chemical-free. SWATAB remains part of the group of companies. Sandberg Development invested in the Malmö-based water technology company Orbital Systems, which develops and patents an innovative water and energy-saving circular shower concept.


Sandberg Development invested in ISEC Industrial Security, which develops and produces monitoring systems for radioactive environments. ISEC remains part of Sandberg Development to this day.


GS Development became Sandberg Development.


Evy & Gunnar Sandberg Foundation was founded to support medical research.


GS Development invested in Ramtec, which manufactures speciality equipment for excavators. GS Development sold its holdings in the company five years later.


ElektroSandberg became GS Development. GS Development added International Fertility Centre to the group of companies. The company helps childless couples with in-vitro fertilisation. The company left the group of companies in 1999.


Camurus was founded in Lund by biophysical chemistry researchers who had identified the possibility of using lipid structures to improve the delivery of active pharmaceutical compounds to the body. Camurus now develops drugs for the treatment of serious chronic diseases. The company was listed in 2015 and remains part of Sandberg Development to this day.


Uni-Load, which manufactures metal pallets and cargo loading systems for aircraft, was acquired and divested in 1992.


Granuldisk became part of ElektroSandberg’s group of companies and remains part of Sandberg Development to this day.


ElektroSandberg invested in the property management company Medeon, which marked the starting point for the current Medeon Science Park in Malmö.


Biogram, a manufacturer of antiseptic cream, became part of ElektroSandberg’s group of companies and was divested in 1986. The cream is still available in the market under the name LHP.


ElektroSandberg invested in Fluidcarbon that enables the use of liquid carbon as an alternative to oil – a journey that lasts between 1981–1988.


Alongside the development of ElektroSandberg, the group of companies grew and invested in other innovative businesses. The first company was Aimpoint, which created technology that makes it possible to shoot faster and more effectively using the world-leading red dot sight.


ElektroSandberg was founded by Gunnar Sandberg. The company was a low-voltage specialist and grew successfully.