Our focus areas

Sandberg Development invests in innovation and new technology to contribute to long-term growth and social impact primarily in three areas of innovation: water technology, quality of life and security.

Area Water

Water technology

Access to clean water is one of the greatest challenges of our time, which is why we invest in circular solutions for more efficient water use and purification – technology that could reduce dependence on chemicals for washing and cleaning. In doing so, we can ensure access to water while also improving the environment and people’s health.

Area Quality Of Life

Quality of life

We want to invest in innovation that improves people’s everyday lives and makes it possible to live a healthier, safer and richer life. Both at work and at home, healthy or ill.

Area Safety (1)


Creating safety requires products and solutions that give us control in a specific situation – when working or in our free time. We invest in companies that develop innovative solutions for greater precision and surveillance to ensure safer environments involving fewer risks.