Camurus Lipid Research Foundation (Kåre Larsson and Gunnar Sandberg Research Foundation)

A unique foundation

Kåre Larssons and Gunnar Sandbergs research foundation, CLRF, was founded in 1997 by Kåre Larsson (1937-2018), a professor in food technology at Lund University and a world-leading expert on lipid structure, and Gunnar Sandberg (1923-2007), an honorary doctor from Lund University, entrepreneur and founder of Electro-Sandberg and Sandberg Development.

Kåre Larsson made the pioneering scientific discovery of cubic lipid liquid crystalline nanoparticles – Cubosomes. These have been commercialised by what is now the listed company Camurus AB, and form the basis of the Foundation created from both Kåre Larsson’s shareholdings in Camurus and a donation from Gunnar Sandberg.

The founder’s vision was to create multi-disciplinary research into lipids, with a focus on their biophysics and chemistry, structure and composition in relation to their function in biological systems and biomedical/clinical applications.

The Research Foundation is a symbol of Kåre Larsson and Gunnar Sandberg’s commitment and friendship. After the two founders passed away, the Foundation was headed by their sons Marcus Larsson and Per Sandberg who are both members of the Board.