From idea to reality

Are you a startup and ready to take your innovation from idea to execution? Then we would like to welcome you to Sandberg Development Incubator! We are a business incubator with a focus on technological innovation. No idea is too small and no dreams are too big for us.

Starting in our incubator, Sandberg Development facilities innovations and technological solutions, bringing them all the way to world-class, for long-term growth and social impact. While Sandberg Development has three focus areas – water technology, quality of life, and safety – we are also open to welcoming other areas to our incubator. We see opportunities in everything and would love to hear about your idea. Let’s have a fika!


“We are looking for creative entrepreneurs and unexplored technologies. I’m looking forward to seeing the exciting innovations that exist in our region and what we can do together to develop them,” says Igor Miskovic, Head of Incubator.

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A long-term approach creates world-class enterprises

Sandberg Development is a family-owned investment firm that has been contributing to growth and social impact for 60 years. Along the way, we have gathered vast experience in how to drive and develop world-class business concepts and innovation.

Sandberg Development Incubator is a business incubator where innovative startups take the next step in product and technology development, as well as market and business model validation. We offer pro-active ownership, a long-term approach and financing. As active owners, we are hands-on and contribute experience, resources and strategic, tactical and operational expertise, with the mission to build a commercially sustainable enterprise. Develop your idea together with us.