A long-term approach creates World-class

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on the conviction that money should be put to work to create growth. This philosophy has guided us for more than 60 years.

We take a humanistic approach to running companies, where we put our employees first. We want to develop trusting relationships with our subsidiaries, holdings and employees, where confidence and entrepreneurship are the keywords for success. Our investments will contribute to long-term social value and we mainly want to grow by focusing on innovation and technology-driven companies – which is where we can offer the most experience and expertise.

We mainly invest in companies that are based in southern Sweden, but operate in a global market. Proximity and regular contact are important for building trust. In our own premises, we offer a creative environment and intercompany knowledge-sharing. Sandberg Development works continuously to evaluate and analyse possible investment and acquisition candidates. We are a small organisation with rapid decision-making processes.

It has to feel right, while simultaneously offering opportunities for the company to develop with Sandberg Development as its owner. Before taking on an active ownership role, the improvement potential has to match our own expertise profile. To be the best owner for our subsidiaries and associated companies, we believe in knowledge-sharing, involvement and a local presence.

Our watchwords

It is our long company history, our watchwords and way of working that form our company culture. We identify ourselves as a Family-owned Innovation-driven company with the conviction that a Long-term Approach creates World-class.


Our companies are at the leading edge of technology and create value for our customers.


We aim for the best – to offer the best technology, value and profitability.


We represent a 60-year-old Swedish industrial legacy that we are proud of and want to carry forward.

Long-term approach

We have shown that a long-term, sustained approach generates results in successful companies.

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