Reach your full business potential

Is your company ready to grow? Growth is where we gather scaleups and companies that have made some progress, with a focus on commercialisation, marketing strategies and industrialisation. We provide your company with much more than just capital. Together, we create the conditions for your company to focus on its core business and reach its full potential. 

Sandberg Development is an active owner that contributes to growth and social impact by investing in unlisted innovative companies. Our mission is to develop commercially sustainable and technology-driven enterprises. Sandberg Development has three focus areas: water technology, quality of life, and safety.

For us, active ownership means a long-term commitment and access to strategic, tactical and operational excellence that drives growth, product and technology development as well as organisational and business development.


“Sandberg Development excels at acquiring and developing companies that are, or have the potential to become, world-leading. We invest in scaleups with a clear product or niche, that need resources to take the next step and want to do so together with a committed owner. That makes Sandberg Development the perfect partner,” says Lina Boreson, Executive Director, Corporate Development.

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A long-term approach creates world-class enterprises

Sandberg Development is a family-owned investment firm that has been contributing to growth and social impact for 60 years. Along the way, we have gathered vast experience in how to drive and accelerate world-class business concepts and innovation. 

We provide resources and expertise at strategic, tactical, and operative levels, based on the needs of your company. At Sandberg Development, you and your company can share our experience and expertise in areas including business development, commercialisation and industrialisation. We also support the company’s ongoing product and technology development, as well as leadership and organisation.