Grow with us

Together – for long-term growth and social impact

Capital should be put to work and create social impact – that’s been Sandberg Development’s philosophy from the start. We do this by investing in cutting-edge technology enterprises whose mission is to develop and build world-class businesses. 

We are actively seeking companies and entrepreneurs who have ideas or are driving innovation development to promote sustainable social impact and who need the means to take the next step. Sandberg Development primarily invests in unlisted companies in three focus areas – water technology, quality of life, and safety. We are open to new experiences and recognise a good idea when we see one.  

Sandberg Development is a family-owned investment company with long experience of developing technical innovations into commercially successful enterprises. Our ability to develop world-class companies is the key to Sandberg Development’s growth and success. 

With more than 60 years as an innovation engine in southern Sweden, Sandberg Development is an obvious, long-term and active owner of innovation and technology-driven enterprises based in Skåne. We invest to explore exciting technologies, develop new business opportunities, complement our company portfolio, or simply because we are curious.  

As active owners, we are hands-on and contribute capital, experience, and networks, as well as strategic, tactical, and operational expertise. Our goal is to build commercially sustainable enterprises. We adapt our commitment and resources to the growth stage of your company. Each commitment is unique and adapted to needs and circumstances. We can help your company reach its full business potential.