Sandberg Development 2022


Last year's book are closed and we have put the first quarter of 2023 behind us. 2022 was characterized by a range of uncertainties both at home and globally. Notwithstanding these, the Group enjoyed major successes. Important milestones were achieved and several of our companies reached all-time-high sales levels.

One of the companies which reached a sales record was Aimpoint. At the same time both GAIM and RESCUE Intellitech saw increased sales around the world. Camurus returned a full-year profit for the first time, driven by robust sales growth. In Granuldisk there is a very interesting shift in progress from dedicated equipment sales to also offering operational leasing.

SWATAB became a wholly owned subsidiary in 2022 and are evaluating various commercial opportunities, primarily in chemical-free and sustainable cleaning. ISEC was tasked with delivering radiation-tolerant monitoring cameras to a new nuclear power plant in the UK. There were also investments in two new water technology operations: Drupps and COT.

To attract more young talents to the Group, we initiated our own Graduate Program in 2022 and this autumn we welcome the first generation of Graduates. At that time, we will also begin the next application period. Additionally, Sandberg Development is the main sponsor for the reception of new students in the Embedded Electronics Engineering program at Lund University's Faculty of Engineering in the autumn term of 2023, like we were last year.

There is a lot going on in the Group and there is still much to do!

Thanks to everyone for your contributions in 2022!

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